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for Stud Gun Welders

Tough copper with highest electrical conductivity.

  • J20007 - Pin Electrode, holds all standard size pins
  • J20009 - Rivet Electrode, for J20012 trim rivets
  • J20006 - Shrinking electrode, for fast heat
  • J20021 - Magna Wire Electrode Kit, for welding Magna Wire with all JO1000, JO1500 and JO2000 series stud guns.

for Top-Pro Welder

  • J20027 - Spot Weld Electrode, for single side welds to 23 gauge steel
  • J20028 - Trim Rivet Electrode, for J20012 Trim Rivets
  • J20029 - Washer Electrode, for welding J20026 standard washers
  • J20041 - Star Washer Electrode, for welding and pulling J20023 Star Washers
  • J20030 - Stud Electrode, for all standard size pins
  • J20031 - Shrinking Electrode, for fast heating of distressed metal
  • J20032 - Magna Wire Electrode, for welding Magna Wire
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