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J20017 "T" Puller

A compact tool for small damage repair on lightweight metal to reduce overpull.

J20038 Magna Wire Pulling System


  • 1 J20037 5-Finger Magna Claw, for Medium duty pulls
  • 1 J20036 8-Finger Magna Claw, for Heavy duty pulls
  • 1 J20021 Magna Wire Stud Gun Electrode Kit
  • 1 J20024 Magna Wire 16GA., 1/2 lb pk.
Magna Claws
J20037 Magna Claw

5-Finger puller for J20024 or J20025 Magna Wire.

J20036 Magna Claw

8-Finger puller. Heavy-duty puller for J20024 or J20025 Magna Wire.

Magna Lifters
J20040 Magna Lifter

High leverage hand star washer and stud pin puller.

J20030 Magna Puller

Hand puller for pulling rivets.

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