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For High Performance Blocking of Aluminum or Steel

Motor Guard has developed three new Super-Rigid Big Block models for fast and aggressive blocking. Engineered from super-dense yet light-weight materials, these new sanding blocks provide just the right amount of flex to conform to body panels and slight contours. Extreme-flat faces result in fast and flawless finishes.

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BGR-1 RIGID BIG BLOCK (1-1/2x11) Create the ultimate blocking bar by wrapping an abrasive sheet around this narrow, rigid block. Just the right width for power blocking in small areas, this block flexes slightly to follow contours.

BGR6-1 RIGID BIG BLOCK (5-1/2) An extreme-flat super rigid block for use with 2-3/4 PSA rolls or half-sheets with no waste. Finger recesses on the sides allow for a firm yet powerful grip while tackling the toughest jobs.

BGR12-1 (11) and BGR16-1 (16) RIGID BIG BLOCK For aggressive, two-handed blocking, the extra-long BGR12-1 (11) and BGR16-1 (16) are unequaled. Use with 2-3/4 PSA rolls or full sheets with no waste. Power block large areas with ease. For Hook Faced models, order BGRK11-1 / BGRK16-1.