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JO-1525 Magna-Spot 1525 Pro-Plus

Includes all the basic requirements for today's professional collision repair technician. Plus a lightweight T-Puller and electrode kit for welding Magna Wire.

  • 1 Magna-Spot 1500 Gun
  • 1 Heavy Duty Slide Hammer
  • 1 Molded Case
  • 3 Electrodes
  • 250 2.5mm draw pins
  • 150 Rivets
  • Magna T-Puller
  • Magna Wire Electrode Kit
  • Exclusive Magna Pin System (M.P.S.)
  • 5 Year Warranty
Dent Repair Training Video Using a Magna-Spot Stud Gun

Watch the Magna-Spot Training Video from Donnie Smith at
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