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World Class - Collision Damage Repair tools from Motor Guard. State of the art tools for today's high-strength, steel uni-body vehicles. Made in the USA

  • Studwelders - Ultimate dent removal welder; High Performance, low-heat, unparallel quality. Made in the USA
  • Draw Pins - Copper coated steel studs, soft for easy flexing and grinding, delivers a 500 # plus pull. Made in the USA
  • Pulling Tools - Heat treated Slide Hammers, Clamps and Hand-pullers, for all pulling requirements. Made in the USA
  • Spot Weld Cutters - High Quality, high speed, heat treated cutters for separating body panels from tough OE welds. Made in the USA
  • Cut-Off Wheels Designed for Aluminum - Specifically designed for cutting automotive aluminum body panels and structural components. These Type 1 wheels are made of the highest quality abrasives and materials. Made in the USA