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DD-1 The Dust Doctor

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DD-1 The Dust Doctor
A new and unique solution to problem of cleaning abrasive sheets during sanding. The Dust-Doctor® Sanding Block Cleaning Tool uses Microfiber Technology to provide instant unloading of abrasive sheets and discs while sanding. The Dust-Doctor® (DD-1) uses this Microfiber technology along with a soft foam cushion liner which work together to quickly unload abrasives during sanding. The Dust-Doctor® has also proven to extend the life of abrasives and to radically reduce time spent cleaning and changing sheets. Users of this unique tool report improved productivity, reduced consumption of abrasives and better air quality in the shop.

SD-1 Pad Pro® The Spin Doctor

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Rotating paddle blasts away heavily loaded or dried and caked on compound. Saves hours of time by cleaning the pad while it is on the buffer. Quickly cleans heavily loaded or clogged pads both wet and dry. A quick spray of water and a couple of passes with the Spin-Doctor instantly rejuvenates pads during the job. Works on convoluted, flat and round foam polishing and cutting pads of all brands. Will not damage pad surface when used as directed.

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