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AP-3 Ultimate Sanding Block Assortment
The newest in the high quality Magna line of refinishing products from Motor Guard is the AP-3 Sanding Block Assortment. With a quality block for every application, from fast cutting to color sanding, the AP-3 assortment is the one-stop finishing solution. Users of these eight unique blocks report reduced paint prep times, lower material costs and increased paint department productivity.

The Soft Block® (SB-1) features two different densities for the ultimate sanding of curved or irregular surfaces while the Block Buster® (HT-1), with its unique hole side, provides for aggressive hard block sanding.

The Memory Block® (MB-1) offers another double-sided block with a dense “memory” foam that conforms to irregular surfaces with little pressure. For maximum gripping power on the toughest applications, the Wonder Block® (WB-1) is ideal on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

The Rocker Block® (RK-1) and the Roller Block® (RL-1) both feature a soft and pliable outer layer for superior finish and a non-slip grip of abrasive sheets plus a rigid inner layer to prevent the transfer of finger marks. The Rocker Block fits a standard 6’’ PSA disc for dry sanding while the Roller Block uses a folded sheet and is the ultimate wet sanding block.

The new Big-Block® powers up hand sanding with a strong and comfortable grip. Three layers of engineered materials permit just the right degree of flexibility to ensure even pressure over the large, flat sanding surface. Available in two lengths; 6-1/2” (BG6-1) and 12” (BG12-1). These blocks are designed for use with 2-3/4” PSA rolls or standard abrasive sheets.
How To Block Sand Using Motor Guard's New AP-3 Sanding Block Kit

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