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DD-1 Dust-DoctorŽ Innovative Sanding Block Cleaner

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The All New DUST DOCTORŽ from Motor Guard revolutionizes hand sanding by providing an instant means of cleaning loaded abrasive sheets. This unique tool utilizes microfiber technology to pull sanding dust right from the paper. By dramatically reducing material costs as well as cutting down on the time spent changing paper, the cost savings are immediate.

Microfiber technology has long been know for it ability to grab and hold up to five times its weight in dust The Dust-DoctorŽ (DD-1) uses this technology along with a soft foam cushion liner which work together to quickly unload abrasives during sanding. Shop air quality is improved and less time is spent on cleanup.

The soft and flexible magnetic backing on the Dust-DoctorŽ allows placement directly adjacent to the area being sanded and relocation is a snap. The Dust-DoctorŽ has also proven to extend the life of abrasives and to radically reduce time spent cleaning and changing sheets. Users of this unique tool report improved productivity, reduced consumption of abrasives and better air quality in the shop.
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