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No Bullet Holes

Repairing Sheet Metal the Easy Way!

Some outdated autobody repair textbooks still recommend drilling holes along the crease of a dent to make room for the screw of the slide hammer. Drilling the dented panel makes more work than it saves. Welding up the holes is tricky, consumes time and often warps the panel. Besides, covering the holes later with body filler can violate the OEM's rust-through warranties.

MOTOR GUARD's Magna-Spot 1000, 1500 and 2000 series Stud Gun Kits make short work of pulling dents without making "bullet holes". Instead of drilling the panel, the Magna-Spot gun welds a stud to the panel to "grab" when pulling the dent. No holes to fill or weld up later! Also, the Magna-Spot eliminates "burn-through", a problem common to other welders.


Start off by preparing the dented panel. Grind the lowest part of the dent to produce a clean, bright finish. Don't over grind; as you know, panels are not that thick! Now is a good time to check your extension cord if you're using one. It's important that the cord be at least 14 gauge with three conductors, or you might get a "cold weld" or incur a safety problem.

Insert the appropriate tip into the Magna-Spot and tap firmly to make sure it is seated to assure proper contact. Insert the stud into the tip and press firmly against the panel until the outer ring of the Magna-Spot touches the steel. Squeeze the trigger for ½ to 1 second (don't remove the welder from the surface until the trigger is released). A proper weld should discolor the metal approximately ¼" around the stud.

Repeat the process until you have enough studs to pull the dent. You may now attach the slide hammer (or T-puller) to the stud approximately ½" from the surface. Apply steady pulling force while tapping the surface with an appropriate body hammer. If additional force is needed, use the slide of the slide hammer, but take it easy.When the surface is where you want it, cut the stud(s) off with heavy wire clippers. To cut the studs off cleanly, firmly grip the stud with the clippers and twist back and forth.From here on out, the repair and refinishing is pretty straightforward, except you'll have no jagged holes to deal with!

Shrinking Attachment: The Magna-Spot does more than just attach studs and rivets. "Oilcans", or low spots can be removed by applying heat with the shrinking attachment. With the shrinking attachment in place and the Magna-Spot in contact with the panel, depress the trigger for ½-second at several points around the perimeter of the imperfection. Next, apply a cold compress to shrink the steel back to its original position.

High spots can also be repaired with the Magna-Spot by placing the tip directly on the top of the spot and squeezing the trigger for ½-second. If heat does not completely remove the high spot, hammer gently while still warm. That should do it.

The MOTOR GUARD Magna-Spot comes in six models: Entry Kit #JO1000, Professional Kit #JO1500, Pro-Plus JO1525, #JO1550 Deluxe Kit, Super-Pro JO2000, and Super Pro-Plus JO2250. Made in the U.S.A., all kits carry a 5-year warranty.